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Welcome to another HAM site - Ham is just another word for radio amateur.
What is Ham Radio?   How to become a ham

Beacon lists by frequency:     2m/70 cm       Shortwave       6m/50 MHz

Worldwide Beacon Net 14/18/21/24/28 MHz (NCDXF/IARU)

Daily RBN Report:   as text   HTML Version

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Graphics for 10 m beacon audibility in C.Europe/Grafiken zur Baken Hörbarkeit in DL:

last 3 months/letzte 3 Mon.     current year/lfd.Jahr     total chart/alle Jahre

last 7 years compared/letzte 7 Jahre im Vergleich

2004 to 2013 compared/2004 bis 2013 im Vergleich

2003 chart     2004 chart     2005 chart     2006 chart

    2007 chart     2008 chart     2009 chart     2010 chart     2011 chart     2012 chart     2013 chart     2014 chart     2015 chart     2016 chart     2017 chart     2018 chart     2019 chart

German DOK list (local DARC clubs)

Current propagation conditions (provisional data):

Bunch of solar data for professionals

Radio play/drama links (in German)

Briefkastene-mail address

Mailing address: Andre Schmidt, Am Kirchweg 8, D-56355 Lautert
Tel.: 06772 2043 (international: 49 6772 2043)

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